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NeverLostGolf / Bitcoin 25 day 5% Future Sales Contract

NeverLostGolf / Bitcoin 25 day 5% Future Sales Contract

(25 / 5 FSC)

NeverLostGolf (NLG) is offering a FIAT (cash) based investment opportunity with the option to be repaid in Bitcoin (aka cryptocurrency) which can add to the fixed 5% investment return.

The Future Sales Contracts (FSC) are created from the sales of the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver product, a product which holds a 100% market share world-wide. The maximum investment risk is only $50 per investment which is the maximum FSC that we will make available for sale to any single investor. However, an investor (if they choose) can purchase more than one FSC at a time.

The FSC lasts only 25 days before repayment of the investment amount and the 5% profit per investment. All investments are process via our company merchant account to always maintain repayment control
with the investor. This investment opportunity is performed in this way so that in the event of a unlikely default by this investment, the investor can after 25 days of the processed investment payment, if not repaid, is able to dispute the "processed" investment directly through their own investment resource that they used to stop the investment and directly recover their invested funds WITHOUT the assistance or participation of the creator of this investment offer (NLG).

The beauty and simplicity of this investment is that Investor remains in complete control of their invested money even after it is put into this investment right unto the time that the investment is repaid. This is because (again) the investors money is processed through our merchant account, which is similar to a credit card processing service. This means that
“if” the investor is not satisfied with the timing of the investment, and if the investment is not returned to the investor with principle and interest within the 25 day period as stated in this investment, the investor is able to dispute this investment transaction directly with our merchant account processor, without our assistance, to recover their invested funds without

any hassle or further discussions. This disputing process is normally immediate without any sort of waiting period whereas the investor will normally see the return of their money immediately from our merchant service processor.

The 25 day timing of the payback of this investment was purposely chosen to coincide with the pay back of any certificate of deposit or virtually any other credit medium that would have been cashed out or used by the investor to invest. This means that the investor is able to pay back his / her source of funding BEFORE it cycles, and / or before a payment or penalty would be due. This means no interest payment or exposure to the investors source of funding, including most certificate of deposit, credit cards, 401(k), and / or interest baring savings accounts.

All relevant sales taxes are paid by NLG at the original point of sale of the NeverLostGolf product, that creates the FSC, and are reported and paid yearly as required by law. After the investor has purchase of the 25 day / 5% FSC, the investor can decide if he / she wishes to be paid back in FIAT (conventional bank transfer) or Bitcoin currency. One possible strategy available to the investor is that by accepting payment in Bitcoin currency, this can add to the potential further profit by the investor through the fluctuation of the bitcoin market. For example, if the Bitcoin price is higher at the time of payout of the 25/5 FSC, the investor can choose to take their investment payback in Bitcoin which will afford them the 5% profit of this investment PLUS the higher valued price of Bitcoin if that were the case. If the investor chooses to be paid back in Bitcoin, we only require the Bitcoin address where the investor wishes for their money to be sent.

NOTE: Because the investor has the ability to dispute this investment purchase transaction directly with our merchant services processor, the investor agrees not to dispute the transaction / investment with our merchant service processor prior to 25 days, starting from the day the FSC has been purchased.. The investor further agrees that if such a dispute is made, that the investor voids all rights to the investment made including both principal and interest.

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