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What is NeverLostGolf ™ ?

NeverLostGolf ™  is easy to use
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NeverLostGolf ™ is a “Tee Saver” that allows a golfer
“NOT” to have to use the normal driving range supplied “rubber” golf tee.
Now golfers are able to always use a wooden golf tee
which is what golf was meant to be played with.
Click HERE to watch our video to see why this is so important !!

Easy to use as 1, 2, 3 !!!

Easy to use as 1, 2, 3
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To use the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™,
simply place the anchor tee in one side of the Tee Saver ™ and push it securely into the ground. 
Then take a second tee and insert it into the other end of the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™
which will be the tee that you will use to tee up your golf ball.

The NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™
prevents a golfer from losing golf tees on both
the driving range and golf course.

NeverLostGolf ™
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How do you use it ???

NeverLostGolf ™  anchors your golf tee in place
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NeverLostGolf ™ is a “Tee Saver” that allows a golfer to always use a wooden golf tee
whether playing on a natural grass or practicing on a golf mat.
See our video as to why this is very important.
The NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ is attached to the golf tee in a way
that does not interfere with the golfer’s swing
or the golf club striking the ball.

The NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ is adaptable and easy
to use on all types of standard golfing mats

How to use NeverLostGolf ™  on a golfing mat
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NeverLostGolf ™
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NeverLostGolf ™ also works great in natural grass

NeverLostGolf ™  is easy to use on natural grass
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NeverLostGolf ™  lets you tee up without worrying about where your golf tee will fly off to
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Just “anchor” the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ down with one tee,
and set your ball to tee off on the second tee

You can also use our very own
NeverLostGolf Tee Saver Mat System ™

NeverLostGolf ™  is easy to use on a golfing mat surface
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NeverLostGolf ™  also has golfing mats
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The NeverLostGolf Tee Saver Matt System ™ was invented
and designed to work exclusively and seamlessly with the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ .

How NeverLostGolf ™ was born

NeverLostGolf ™  stops you from becoming a target on the golf driving range
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NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ was inspired to be created after the inventor
watched many people on the golf driving range and golf course risk their safety and waste valuable time and energy
by walking several feet out onto the golf range to retrieve their golf tees.

Who needs NeverLostGolf ™ anyway ??? !!!

NeverLostGolf ™ was invented for anyone and everyone (both amateur and professional) who is serious about improving their golf game. It is a proven fact that the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ helps to increase the golfers concentration, will save the golfer both time and energy,

NeverLostGolf ™  saves you money
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and will save the golfer money by preventing 15 - 30% less broken golf tees. Our “target market golfer” is the smart golfer who does not have time or money to waste, and who likes to try keep their golf tees whenever possible. it is to this “group” of golfers that the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ was invented.

About the inventor of NeverLostGolf ™

NeverLostGolf ™  was invented by a successful sports personality
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The inventor of NeverLostGolf ™ is Mr. Carnell who is a former
All-American High School, College, and Professional football player.

Like Uncle….. like……..

One fact of great interest is that Mr. Carnell comes from a strong line of inventors. His Uncle, Otis Boykin, was an electronic scientist and inventor who devised the control unit used in artificial heart stimulators, and also invented a variable resistor device used in many guided missiles.

NeverLostGolf ™  inventor's Uncle is a famous inventor
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He also invented the small components such as thick-film resistors used in IBM computers, and many other devices including a burglar-proof cash register and a chemical air filter. Many products made from his discoveries are manufactured in Paris and throughout Western Europe.

NeverLostGolf ™ is supported and sponsored
by many PGA pros, and is
USGA legal for tournament use under rule 4-3.

PGA golfing Pro Earl Spry endorses using NeverLostGolf ™
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NeverLostGolf ™  will give you something to shout about when it comes to your golf game
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NeverLostGolf ™  stops you from using a rubber golf tee which can ruin your golf swing
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You will never have to use a rubber golf tee again when you use NeverLostGolf ™
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Stop using rubber golf tees when you use NeverLostGolf ™
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