Affiliate Program

NeverLostGolf ™ Affiliate Representative Program

We put your photo and biography direct on our packaging that is marketed domestically and world-wide

If you are an Pro-Am golfer looking for a sponsor, we have NO preconceived formula that you must qualify for before we will sponsor you. We consider every case personally and individually.
Easy income for your talent that you have worked so hard for.

Your Bio here

No more embarrassing “hotmail” or “gmail” email address for you. Show yourself to be a true professional with your own dedicated
.com” email address
No burdensome or embarrassing “tasks” to sell our products or unrealistic quotas to fulfill.
We pay YOU for your amateur or professional endorsement.
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F.A.Q. This is NOT a sales job, because NeverLostGolf will sell itself. Just show it to someone and you will see what we mean.

You gain local, domestic, and / or International commercial marketing exposure.
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You will receive the instant prestige that goes along with representing a product that has a proven track record and that you can confidently endorse.
Opportunity to be a part of an historic event with the mass introduction of NeverLostGolf ™

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Easy money making tools available for you to be successful

Seriously……. if you are not able to be successful in making money by following these steps below, then you really are not serious about making money, and you really should not be involved in the world of golf !!!

Word of mouth…. and we pay you !!

Tell anyone and everyone about your new sponsorship to get the word out about NeverLostGolf ™ Every referral that comes to us from you will earn you money.

Tell your Driving Range…and we pay you !!

Suggest to your driving range or country club that they sell NeverLostGolf ™. You will receive a generous cash percentage from every sale.

Take it…..we pay you !!

Take NeverLostGolf with you when you play or practice. You will be amazed how much attention it will draw to you.

Wear it…..we pay you !!

Wear our NeverLostGolf logo on your shirt or hat at official golf tournament.

Use it….we pay you !!

Request for official allowness to use NeverLostGolf ™ in a tournament.

Affiliate Payment Scale


This is the automatic entrance level when your affiliate application has been approved.

What we pay you

Profit sharing calculated at 10% of total domestic sales


  • 10 referrals
  • 10 sales

What we pay you

Profit sharing calculated at %50 of domestic and international sales


  • 5 referrals
  • 5 sales

What we pay you

Profit sharing calculated at 30% of total domestic sales

Steps to become a NeverLostGolf ™ Affiliate Rep


Fill in the NeverLostGolf Affiliate application by clicking on the “apply” button below.



After clicking on the apply button below, you will be taken to our Affiliate application form where you can send us your biography and a photo of yourself for our packaging design.
Once your affiliate application has been approved, you will receive samples of our NeverLostGolf Tee Saver. Once you do, you will be required to make a short video and send it back to us showing how you use and endorse the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver. Use our “CONTEST” page link to upload this video through our You Tube channel.


Once you finish the preceding steps, we will send you a link to set up your financial receiving account with NeverLostGolf so that we can start paying you directly.