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FAQ #1

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Is it legal to use the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ in an official golf tournament?

FAQ #2

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Is the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ safe to use on golf courses?

FAQ #3

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Sometimes it is difficult to take the golf tees out of the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver ™ . Is there an easier way to exchange golf tees in and out of the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver™ ?

FAQ #4

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I am having a hard time using the NeverLostGolf Tee Saver™ on the driving range. Am I doing something wrong???

FAQ #5

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I use longer golf tees for my oversize head driving club, is NeverLostGolf™ compatible with longer size golf tees?

FAQ #6

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Where can I purchase NeverLostGolf™ ?

FAQ #7

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Does NeverLostGolf™ offer any type of guarantee for its NeverLostGolf Tee Saver™ ?

FAQ #8

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How do I contact you if I have any questions concerning NeverLostGolf that are not answered in your FAQ's?